Highlights Of The Tour

Highlights Overview

Did you know you can hop on and off at any stop along the tour route, and rejoin at any stop? The tour covers x19 stops at must see locations around Belfast, passing all of the main places of interest, from museums and world-class sightseeing attractions.

Why not walk between stops, and soak up the Cities buzz. You will be spolit for choice with great shopping, bars & restaurants not to mention history around every corner.

Historically Belfast has been a centre for Shipbuilding & the Irish linen industry, rope-making, tobacco production.

Belfast has a real uniqueness in comparison to other UK & Irish Cities and was once a mini war zone, the tour will take you between the peacelines and walls and once no go areas of the City, and explain an era of civil unrest which has become known as the troubles - you can even hop off and sign the famous peacewall.

Let's discover the BEST tour highlights of the Belfast hop on hop off tour - free & paid.

Let's Explore Below

Stop 5

Just 10 minutes into the tour and you can disembark in the heart of Titanic Quarter, the Titanic Museum was exclusively designed to resemble a ships bow at every angle.

The stunning 6 story building and world class interactive visitor experience tells the tale of the ship of dreams - Titanic, from its initial conception, design & construction through to her launch on the 31st May 1911, only to tragically end up at the bottom of the atlantic on her maiden voyage.

The Titanic dry dock & pump house are a short walk away, along with the famous drawing offices where titanic was designed. You can reboard the tour anywhere along the main road where you see any bus stops.

Alternatively you can walk along the waters edge and back into the City Centre. The SS Nomadic Titanic's sister ship lays in a small dry dock on the way back into town and opens occasionally to visitors.

Crumlin Road Jail & Courthouse

Stop 18 approx 82 minutes into the tour and we arrive at the Crumlin Road Gaol, locally nicknamed the Crum. A former Victorian era prison situated 10 minutes away from Belfast town centre, the historical jail & listed building has been derelict since 1996.

The former court house which resides on the other side of the road has a tunnel under the main road connecting the 2 buildings, which was used to walk the prisoners to the courthouse & Jail.

An estimated 25,000 prisoners were held here, between 1846 and 31 March 1996, it is widely believed to be one of the most haunted locations anywhere in Ireland, definitely worth a visit and they offer guided tours.

The bus stop is just outside the jail on the same side of the road, alternatively you can walk back into the town centre in around 10 minutes.

Belfast Peacewall

Stop 14 about 60 minutes into the tour, Cupar Way which seperates the Shankill road & Falls road enclaves, was one of the orginal peace barricades erected due to civil unrest in the 1960’s.

Initially temporary erected these became a more permanant fixture with the outbreak of the troubles. The area today is perfectly safe, feel free to hop off and sign your name in support of lasting peace.

Both areas of the Shankill & Falls road can be easily accessed by foot, you can re-board any red bus that passes in either direction and rejoin the tour again.

ST Georges Market

20 minutes into the tour we arrive at Stop 6, the last surving victorian covered market in N Ireland, operating in the City from the late 1800's. Disembark and soak up the amazing atmosphere, markets operate every Friday, Saturday & Sunday morning with live music, local foods, & crafts to enjoy.

Belfast City Hall is a short 5 minute walk away, so your still right in the heart of the action. Please note the market normally ends around 2:00-3:00pm, so its advised to arrive early.

Belfast City Hall & City Centre

Stop 1 - Belfast City Centre is truely blessed with character & charm, compact shopping streets teeming with fashion options to suit all ages and styles, restaurants & trendy bars to delight any visiting connoisseurs.

With history ozzing around every corner, tales of the plague, famine, rebellion, the troubles, world war 2 & the once thriving linen industry.

Get lost in the narrow cobbled back streets of the Cathedral quarter and enjoy the thriving nitelife in an array of popular bars, discover Belfast your way.

We recommend staying on for a full tour, then disembarking @ Stop 19 'The last Stop' The Cathedral Quarter and explore the laneways, Stop 1 is a short 10 minute walk away.

Bars Worth A Visit @ Stop 19

  • The Harp Bar
  • The John Hewitt
  • The Northern Whig
  • The Dirty Onion
  • The Merchant Hotel
  • The Duke of York

Ulster Museum & Botonic

Shankill Road

About 60 minutes into the tour we our now on the Shankill Road - Stop 16. Well known for being a strong Unionist area with lots of pro British political imagery & murals on display. We have x3 stops on the Shankill, A great place to start your visit is The Spectrum Centre on the corner of Tennants Street and The Shankill Road junction. You can walk down the road toward the City Centre and join any red bus b

Falls Road

National Football Stadium

The Cathedral Quarter

Belfast has many highlights to discover, explore and create your very own highlights while here on the Belfast hop on hop off tour, and make the most of your visit.


Staying on for the full tour and listening to the history of each part of the City is recommended, you can then make your own mind up on the second lap.

Hop on and off at any areas that really interest you, the tour delivers lots of history and humour along the tour route.