Donegall Square West

Donegall Square West - Stop 1

Welcome to Donegall Square West the heart of Belfast, located at the western side of Belfast city hall - here you not only discover Stop 1 - for the Belfast Hop on Hop off tour located outside Centra shop, but also lots of stunning buildings and history.

The western side of city hall is dominated by the magnificent white sandstone Scottish Provident building and takes up around two thirds of the street.

The general area today proves to be one of the main meetup points for people of all ages, with an array of shops and hip places for coffee & snacks and its focal location being within the direct transport hub for translink, offering ease of access to all areas of the main shopping districts.

Did you know ?

On the 19th December 2004 one of the largest bank robberies in the history of the UK & Ireland happened here? £26.5 million in cash was taken from the then Northern Bank - Now Danske bank on the corner of Donegall Square West, adjacent to Bedford Street.

The robbers had stolen that much money, it was cheaper for the bank to change the design of the bank notes quickly putting pressure on the thieves to get rid of the money fast.

No one to this day has been convicted of the robbery - You can read more about it here.

Keep your eyes peeled for our street team staff, they are easy to identify in their red jackets.

They can help you with any questions, and offer the best advice about things to do in Belfast.

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Each side of the square is named according to its geographical location, it is named after the Donegall family.

The same family also have other areas around the city named after them, such as: Donegall Street & the Donegall Road. For information please see here.

  • The NCP carpark is 5 minutes away
  • On street parking is available in nearby side streets - it can hard to get a spot at peak times.