Stormont Parliament Buildings

History Of Stormont - 6 Quick Facts

On 19 May 1928, the Governor of Northern Ireland the Duke of Abercorn laid the Foundation Stone for Parliament Buildings ( Front Pillars), The building was offically opened for business with a grand opening, On 16 November 1932, The Prince of Wales, Edward Windsor, opened Parliament Buildings.

  • Architect Sir Arnold Thornely of Liverpool designed Parliament Buildings to be 365ft wide, representing one foot for every day of the year.

  • Representing the number of counties in Northern Ireland, Parliament Buildings has six floors and there are six pillars at the entrance to the building.

  • To camouflage Parliament Buildings during World War II, the building's Portland stone was painted with a mixture of cow manure and bitumen. Removing the paint after the war was a huge challenge with the mixture having stained the stonework. The paint mixture took seven years to remove and the exterior façade never regained its original white colour.

  • It is one mile from the gates at the bottom of Prince of Wales Avenue to the front steps of Parliament Buildings.

  • The avenue leading up to Parliament Buildings is lined with 305 red-twigged lime trees which have survived since they were first planted in the 1920s.

  • Parliament Buildings is a Grade-B listed building, designed in Greek Classical tradition.


Reconciliation Garden - Hug Across The Divide

A firm favourite of mine is a walk around the grounds to the peaceful reconciliation garden. From the front gates its about halfway up on the left hand side, just off the main drive. The variety of walks around the estate make it a firm favourite for dog walkers from near and far and also sightseeing explorers to Northern Ireland.

The main Parliament building is also open for tours, the internal tours run Mon-Fri twice daily 11am & 2pm, you can also pop into Stormont building and view the Great hall or coffee shop 9am-4pm. For ideas on things to do in Belfast check out the blog.