Donegall Street Belfast

Did You know?

Donegall Street in Belfast acts as a gateway into the heart of Belfast city centre. If travelling from North or West Belfast, Donegall Street leads to the edge of the lively Cathedral Quarter and into High street.

Along the road you will find the magnificent St. Anne's Cathedral, which has the 2nd tallest spire in Ireland, known as the Spire of Hope.

Donegall Street History

Donegall Street has a lot of hidden history, with bombings from both World War II & The Troubles.

The first bombing happened during the Belfast Blitz between April & May 1941, this was part of the Nazi war effort to hinder the considerable contribution towards the allied war effort locally.

Belfast suffered the most damage and loss of life after London due to the German air raids. Damage can be seen to St. Anne's Cathedral and the street in the photo below.

The second bombing happened in 1972 when the IRA left a bomb outside The Newsletter, which ended up killing six innocent people, both Catholics & Protestants.

Donegall Street was often refered to by people who work in journalism as the Fleet Street of Belfast, this was of course due to the Newsletter, Irish News & Belfast Telegraph all operating here.

The street was also home to the Front Page bar, a popular watering hole for journos.

Fun Trivia

The recent TV series Line of Duty used the car park on the bottom end of Donegall Street in Season 6 - Episode 6, this is where Kate and Jo avoid a police stinger trap.

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Donegall Street has experienced 2 major bombs from both World War II and The Troubles, it is was also the journalist quarter of Belfast for many years, otherwise know as the Fleet Street of Belfast!

  • On street parking is available along the road, however you will need to pay and display. It can be hard to get parked at peak times!