University Road Belfast

University Road History

University road is a main throughfare into Belfast city centre, situated between the Stranmillis road and the golden mile of Shaftsbury square.

One of the most notable institutions on University Road is Queen's University Belfast. Founded in 1845, the world-renowned university has a rich history and has produced many famous alumni, including Nobel Prize winners and world leaders.

Seamus Heaney seen below, with the nobel prize in 1995.

Another important landmark just off University Road is the Ulster Museum. This world-class museum is home to an extensive collection of art, archaeology, and natural history, and is a great place to learn about the rich cultural heritage of Northern Ireland.

Whether you're interested in ancient Egyptian mummies, Irish history, or the works of local artists, the Museum is sure to impress.

The stunning new Students Union below which opened in 2022. Interesting fact - The original Mandela hall which was underground below the students union building was kept, while the new building was built - the hall has was orginally used by Shine nightclub in Belfast.

General Information & Demographics

The main road itself has more of a business feel to it, with the side streets being more residential, consisting of students accommodation & offices.

The Botanical Gardens are nestled between Queens University and the Museum. The gardens offer a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the town centre, with stunning tree lined walks leading through to the Ormeau Road and Stranmillis area.

The gardens have a boastful variety of plants from around the world, along with their very own Japanese garden and tropical palm hot house.

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Yes, it is within 5-10 minutes walking distance away from Belfast town centre, the road has many streets running off it which comprise mainly of students living in the area and young professionals!

University road runs between Shaftsbury square and the Stranmillis road, the road is in the heart of the Queens Quarter!

  • On street parking is available in nearby side streets - it can hard to get a spot at peak times.