Castle Place Belfast

Did You know?

Belfast Castle was first built in the 12th century by the Normans in Castle place. In 1611, the Baron of Belfast - Sir Arthur Chichester, built a timber and stone castle on the same spot as the former structure. This was burned down almost 100 years later in the early 1700s, hence today the street being named Castle Place, to mark this historical location.

Castle Place Today

The area today is located in the heart of the shopping district, ideally placed between the 2 main shopping malls - Castlecourt and Victoria Square.

Places Of Interest Nearby

  • Carrolls Gift Shop - Souvenirs
  • Monaco bar - Pints & Nosh
  • Starbucks - Coffee - Snacks
  • McDonalds - Grab & Go
  • TK Maxx - Bargains Galore
  • Primark - Cheap - Quality Clothes
  • Brights - Super Food & Staff

Learn More About Belfast?

If wish to learn more about Belfast you can onboard the daily Belfast Hop on Hop off tour, discover over 19 iconic locations each with their own stories to tell.


The street is named after 2 Castles, 1 built from the Norman era and the other built in the early 1600s by then Baron of Belfast, It was burnt down in the early 1700s - approx 100 years later.

Belfast castle was rebuilt in the 1800s in what is today known as cavehill country park.

The area was once also home to Stop 1 for the Belfast hop on hop off tour which has since moved to Donegall Square west outside centra shop.

  • The NCP carpark is 3 minutes away
  • On street parking is available in nearby side streets - it can hard to get a spot at peak times.