We are delighted to announce from 5:00pm on the 15th Febuary 2022 Covid restrictions have been lifted.

*How Does This Affect Me?

You can now enter bars, restaurants and attractions without proof of being vaccinated, or having to show a recent negative test result if unvaccinated. Mask wearing is recommended, rather than a legal requirement and comes under self guidance, along with social distancing.

Although the restrictions have been lifted and Covid levels are declining, we will be continuing the hard work with extra hygiene measures in place to ensure we do our very best to completely eradicate Covid and protect all passangers who tour with us. We would encourage all passengers to continue with extra handwashing and mutual respect for other travellers.

*Please note if you feel ill or can not tour with us due to Covid, we can still rearrange your tour for free or provide a full no quibble refund, providing we get 24 hours notice.

Call 02890 321912 or send Message with booking details and any changes needed.


We would like to extend our personal thanks and gratitude to the NHS and first responders who have endured mission critical working conditions throughout the pandemic. If you work for the NHS or as a first responder anywhere in the world and can show valid ID we would be delighted to offer you a discount of 15% for any daily experience we operate.



All vehicles on tour daily get deep cleaned, we take the time to sterilise every seat, floor, and railing that our passengers could encounter, this is being done nightly at the end of each tour day.

Risk assessments have been carried out and updated regularly so we are in line with local regulations.

We have been keeping up to date with all recent advice and changes to help stop the spread of COVID 19..

There will be a limit on how many passengers will be seated on our vehicles, we have a range of coaches that go from 16 right up to 70 seats, on the Belfast hop on hop off tour. Social distancing measures will be implemented to ensure that our passengers are safe whilst visiting Belfast, seats will be blocked that are too close to other passengers or our colleagues - Face to face seats will be blocked.

We will be providing liquid hand sanitizer for passengers hopping on and off. Our buses are being cleaned daily to help stop the spread and our colleagues are to wash their hands every time before they board a vehicle. Masks will not be provided when joining tours, however we recommend masks be worn at all times and regulations adhered to - please have a mask for the tour.

Vouchers can be shown on technological devices so there is no cross contamination. We will have posters on vehicles to remind our customers of the social distancing regulations.

For the latest news and current updates be sure to follow us on social media.

The World Health Organisation

Local Government Body - Full Rules