We would like to thank all our customers from near and far for their cooperation and patience during these unprecedented times.

It is a difficult time for us all and the tourism industry as COVID 19 has impacted the world in ways none of us could have imagined.
The team has been awarded the good to go badge from one of the largest tourist bodies in the UK & Ireland.

What does this mean for you the traveller ?

We have been tried and tested to ensure we comply with all safety measures and are delighted to be one of the only companies at this moment accredited with the Good To Go Approval - Accreditation.

The health and safety of each traveller as well as enjoyment is of the absolute paramount of importance to the team at City Tours Belfast.

This goes to prove we have the best team in Belfast to ensure your safety and ease of travel when touring with us.

What We Do Every Day?

Each vehicle on tour daily gets a deep clean, we take the time to sterilise every seat, floor, and railing that our passengers could encounter, this is being done nightly at the end of each tour day.

Risk assessments have been carried out and updated regularly so we are in line with local regulations.

We have been keeping up to date with all recent advice and changes to help stop the spread of COVID 19.

It is important we all work together and follow all advice and guidance to curtail the spread of COVID.

There will be a limit on how many passengers will be seated on our vehicles, we have a range of coaches that go from 16 right up to 70 seats. Social distancing measures will be implemented to ensure that our passengers are safe whilst visiting Belfast, seats will be blocked that are too close to other passengers or our colleagues - Face to face seats will be blocked.

We will be providing liquid hand sanitizer for passengers hopping on and off. Our buses are being cleaned daily to help stop the spread and our colleagues are to wash their hands every time before they board a vehicle. Masks will not be provided when joining tours, however we recommend masks be worn at all times and regualtions adhered to - please have a mask for the tour.

Vouchers can be shown on technological devices so there is no cross contamination. We will have posters on vehicles to remind our customers of the social distancing regulations.

During this difficult time we understand that a lot of our customers are disappointed that they cannot make their trip to Belfast. Refunds and changes of dates are being made daily.

We are now implementing free cancellations on bookings up to 48 hours before the departure date. We are also offering to change the date of your tour if your trip has been impacted by the virus.

We hope that this information puts your mind at ease, we thank our customers for their support and understanding during this uncertain time. A last thank you to our staff who are working so hard to make sure each and every tourist travelling with us gets to do so in a safe way.

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