Hop Off Hop On City Tour

Cruise through Belfast on our hop-on hop-off double-decker buses that cover all the must-see sights and attractions throughout the city. In addition to locations like Titanic Quarter andCrumlin Road Jail, we are also the only local sightseeing company that will bring you up to Belfast Castle.

Explore this beautiful city at your own pace and customize your itinerary to your specifications and just leave the transportation to us. Plus, our tickets are valid for 72 hours,meaning you don't have to try and pack everything into one day.

Our tour operates seven days a week, rain or shine and expect to leave fully entertained andinformed as we have live guides on every tour who provide their own individual and uniquestyle of tour.If you're not looking to hop off, the tour will last approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.



Game Of Thrones Tours

Bend the knee and join us on the most immersive Game of Thrones tour in Ireland. Ourpassionate and knowledgeable guides will swear fealty to give you an entertaining andan enriching day visiting numerous filming locations along the North Antrim Coast. Andprepare to get into character as we also provide opportunities for you to dress up and recreateyour own battle scenes with cloaks, swords, helmets, and shields.

Not a fan of the show? Absolutely fine! You do not need to be a fan of the show to appreciateall the outstanding natural beauty that Northern Ireland has to offer and each of our guidesshare different stories about local myths and legends, learn about the Giant's Causeway story.

Our tour also stops at the Giant's Causeway a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Carricka- Rede Rope Bridge to add some extra adventure into your day.Don't forget to make sure you have a fully charged phone and/or camera as you don't want tomiss all the amazing photo opportunities on your trip!


The Giants Causeway Tour

The Giants Causeway Tour

Embark on a journey along the North Antrim coast as you soak in the stunning scenery of the Northern Ireland countryside on our Giant's Causeway tourOur day tour takes you through small towns and villages that are rich in history and legendsthat have been passed down for decades.

Did you know there is more to Ireland than goldthieving Leprechauns? Our tour introduces you to Ireland's royalty, aristocracy, and folklore,through tales of fighting clans, giants, fairies and more.Of course, the main attraction on the tour is the Giant's Causeway which you will reachtowards the end of your journey. While there, you can decide for yourself whether it wasformed by a volcano around 50 million years ago or was in fact built by two Giants whowanted to battle. (Giant's Causeway story)

Don't forget to make sure you have a fully charged phone and/or camera as you don't want tomiss all the amazing photo opportunities on your trip!

Tours of Belfast

Shore Excursion

WWe are delighted to offer shore excursions for cruise ship passengers direct from Belfast Port for visitors arriving in 2020.

These shore excursions are brought to you by City Tours Belfast, delivering awesome adventures designed to fit in with your time available on shore. Realising time is limited and the importance of arriving back to Belfast Port on time, we organize our tours to maximize sights seen to correspond with your time on land. Every tour is guided by a fully qualified and passionate guide who will ensure that you are enriched and engaged by your visit.

Upon Disembarkation of Cruise ship Public Tours

  • Please note some of these tours last approx 8-9 hours, depending on your time in port they may not be suitable. However, we have other tours that you can book as private groups below.

  • If suitable for public tours (time allowing) a shuttle bus is laid on from Visit Belfast awaiting you on docking, this will bring you into the city.

  • For small groups or singles please meet at pickup point for Game Of Thrones & Giant's Causeway Tours, this is outside Visit Belfast and the bus driver will drop you at the exact spot. For map directions click link Pickup Daily 8:45 a.m.- 9 a.m. Directions?

  • Our Hop-On Hop-Off city tour starts at 9:45 a.m. running ever +30 until our last tour at 4:45 p.m. The tour begins at Stop 1 on Castle Place, a quick walk from where the cruise ship shuttle bus will drop you off. Click Here for directions. View City Tour Route

  • We bring you back to your ship on our Giant's Causeway or Game Of Thrones Tour before scheduled departure time, If applicable with your ship departure time.

  • For private tours we can pick you up from the dockside and transport you on any of the tours you see below, we cater for all group sizes and guarantee to have you back on time for the final all on board.

  • Private Giants Causeway Tour >>
  • Private Game Of Thrones Tour >>
  • Private Belfast City Tour >>